For Sale
Collectable Item Foals
Eyes To The Stars
1994 APHA Chestnut Overo Mare
Pass to the Stars (QH) X Colletable Item
Passing Star
1996 APHA Chestnut Overo Gelding
Pass to the Stars (QH) X Collectable Item
Zip To Collect
1997 APHA Chestnut Overo Gelding
Zip To The Country (QH) X Collectable Item
Red Ted
1999 APHA Chestnut Overo Gelding
Dirty Teddy X Colletable Item
Heir To Success
2000 APHA Chestnut Overo Stallion
Dirty Teddy X Collectable Item
Exclusive Item
2001 APHA Chestnut Overo Mare
Simply Exclusive X Collectable Item
Simply Collectable
2002 APHA Chestnut Overo Mare
Simply Exclusive X Colletable Item
A Precious Investment
2003 APHA Bay Overo Mare
Principle Investment (QH) X Collectable Item
Meadowoods Molly Foals
Traditional Code
1995 APHA Chestnut SPB Stallion
Traditional X Meadowoods Molly
Emerald Time
1992 APHA Red Dun Overo Mare
VR Master Tommy X Meadowoods Molly
ToMolly With Love
1991 APHA Red Roan SPB Mare
VR Master Tommy X Meadowoods Molly
A Precious Investment Foals
Only One Will Do
2011 APHA Chestnut Overo Colt
Only Krymsun X A Precious Investment
Invest In Crystal Foals
Finally Flashy
2008 AQHA / APHA Palomino SPB Gelding
SB Flashy Zipper X Invest in Crystal
Sunny Comanche Foals
Zippo Sun Time
1997 APHA Black Overo Gelding
Zippo Time Bar X Sunny Comanche
Just Sevens
1998 APHA Black SPB Mare
Just Garth X Sunny Comanche
Raisin The Standard
2000 APHA Bay Overo Gelding
Gold Standard X Sunny Comanche
Just Sevens Foals
Toppin Dee Standard
2001 APHA Black Overo Mare
Gold Standard X Sunny Comanche
Just Call Me Sevens
2005 APHA Brown SPB Mare
Just Sevens X Moonshyne D Lite
Crystal Slipper APHA
Flashy Slipper AQHA &PBHA
2012 AQHA / APHA Palomino SPB filly
SB Flashy Zipper X Invest in Crystal
Only Krymsun Crystal
2014 AQHA/APHA SPB filly
Only Krymsun Invest in Crystal
2015 APHA Bay Filly
Lopin Lazy X A Precious Investment